Friends withOUT Benefits

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Our Approach

Open Mics

It ain't easy. Playing the open mics ain't easy. But there's no other way to see how your songs are coming across. Here's a best kept secret: it helps to have a partner in crime that you can send snaky text messages to when the person on stage is going for the big fucking note instead of reading the room.

Our Story

Gregor & Lex

Sometimes he's Gregor. Sometimes he's G$. Sometimes he's G Dollar Sign. On the other side of the mic is Lex. Or Lex Wilder. Or Mister Big Shot Guitar Wank Stud. Together we're Friends withOUT Benefits.



Minor Rock Star

On The Mic


Visionary with a Bad Right Eye

Call To Inaction

Is there anything more annoying than a call to action? Do whatever you want. But if you push the stupid button to the right, we'll throw in 500 Friend Benefit Points. In case you're wondering what you can get, here's a shortlist: sing a karaoke song with Gregor, beg unsuccessfully to sing a karaoke song with Lex, appear in our music video this summer for "Backlash Splish Splash."

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